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May 6, 2011

You only walk into Mordor if you’re Frodo Baggins and have the ring in your possession.

The Aventador will eat the LP 670-4 at tea time.

The heavy-breathing V-12 is a brand-new design for the Aventador. The most powerful version of the Murcielago was the 670-4 Super Veloce with 661-horsepower and 487 pound-feet of torque. Lamborghini has topped that with the 690 horsepower and 509 pound-feet of torque in the Aventador. Not only is there more power, but it is more usable at lower RPMs. The big news is that it does these stratospheric numbers while using 20% less fuel, translating into less carbon dioxide emissions.

The clean sheet, aluminium block V-12 features direct injection, variable valve timing, four individual throttle bodies, dry sump lubrication, and an 11.8:1 compression ratio. The big engine has a screaming high 8250 RPM redline accomplished using lightweight internal components and a high bore-to-stroke ratio of 95mm and 76.4mm respectively. Maximum piston speeds have been reduced from almost 24 m/s at 8000 RPM, the Murcielago’s redline, compared to 21 m/s at 8250 RPM at the Aventador’s redline, resulting in fewer frictional losses. It also uses a new dry sump lubrication system that requires less power, provides better oil scavenging under high cornering loads, and decreases the size of the oil pan. The new system also allows the 518-pound engine to sit 2.36 inches lower in the car, reducing the center of gravity height.



February 7, 2011

Watch an extended cut of the Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl commercial in this exclusive pre-game release.125 years of Mercedes-Benz heritage is celebrated as hundreds of vehicles come to life and make a pilgrimage to greet their newest family members.