Look At Me Now | Afro Juju Remake x Kid Konnect


From the creative quarters of FL based producer Kid Konnect comes an Afro-Juju/ Fuji remake of Chris Brown’s hit single “Look At Me Now”.

In this version put together by Kid Konnect, he cleverly infuses strong Afro-Juju/ Fuji elements into the song, instantly transforming it into a breathtaking masterpiece that appeals far wider than its originally intended audience.

Download here or here.

About Kid Konnect

Kunle Oluwadiya aka Kid Konnect; was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He fell in love with music at a young age, listening to reggae and classical music owned by his father, this help set the foundation for Konnect to learn the basics of composing music.

As he matured, so did his love and knowledge for all genres of music. When most of his classmates were reciting their favorite rhymes from various rap songs, he opted to pay attention to every aspect of the instrumental, from the loud kick or bass, to the carefully hidden echoes of the hihats. Kid Konnect left Nigeria for the United States in 2001 to pursue a degree in Business Economics (which he knew in his heart of hearts, was a career he didn’t want). While in school, Konnect’s roommate introduced him to music production software named FL Studio. At first making a whole lot of techno beats, Konnect dedicated himself to mastering the program in and out to produce industry worthy beats.

After 3½ years of hard work and dedication, Konnect started sending beats out to anybody who would listen, feedback was slow but sure enough it came. A little buzz started to circulate around his name among the local scene in North Carolina and a few ears in the Nigerian music scene took notice. As for now, Konnect is still out creating quality music and making a name for himself.

Production credits: Proto(Chiddy Bang), ZARA, Oladele, Eldee the Don, X.O VoE, Rukus, Kahli Abdu, Small World (DTP Recording Artist), Modenine, “Stay with Me” (Independent Movie), , Jay Cube, EzzieB, Soul Brotha, ChyKay, Beazy, and many more to come.

Accolades: “The Masters” Baltimore Producer Grand Champion, Contrast Hall Beat Battle Champion, 3 time NEA Nominated Producer of the Year, Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle participant, CrateKings.com Producer of the Month.


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