Shortly after Kreayshawn’s high fashion rebuke, “Gucci Gucci”, and her video shot in Los Angeles with cameos by ofwgkta members, major label A&R’s were blowing her cellie trying to converse with the Oakland representer. Kreayshawn and her posse, White Girl Mob performed a sold out show in San Francisco despite it being their first headlining concert. Most people don’t even know who Kreayshawn and it’s uncertain how the less-blog-savvy market will feel about her, despite this, according to, record companies have started a bidding war for her signature. If this is true, what do you think about it and how fast it has all happened? “Gucci Gucci” is certainly a catchy song with the potential to become an infectious hit this summer, but is it worth it for Sony if this deal is true?
Kreayshawn on Nicki Minaj:

“No disrespect to [Nicki Minaj] because she’s got talent. But when it comes to inspiring young women, her message is to be a Barbie—to be plastic, to be fake, to all have blonde hair.”




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