Jonas Bevacqua 1978–2011


Jonas Bevacqua, co-founder of the immensely successful L-R-G clothing line was found dead in Los Angeles, (The LRG website currently features a public letter on it’s home page).
The 34-year old Bevacqua was well known in streetwear circles and credited for creating one the biggest clothing and culture brands in the urban market. LRG regularly supported hip hop artists, deejays, producers and even directors in their ad campaigns, including Kanye West, Little X, Just Blaze, Green Lantern and more. Jonas Bevacqua, a Vietnamese-American, was adopted and grew up in Long Beach, CA. He started LRG in 1999 with partner Robert Wright, and by 2007, LRG had a revenue of over $150 million per year, with over 100 employees and 90k square-foot main office. Jonas was seen by many in the industry as a role model, including the very equally successful Jeff Staple of Staple Design who wrote this short note on his blog:

“When I started out in this business there was 2 companies I was looking at as an inspiration for Staple. One was Ecko Unlimited and the other was L-R-G. Sure there were other great streetwear brands like PNB Nation, Triple Five Soul, Subware, etc etc…but I was always impressed with Ecko and L-R-G. They took the spirit of the street, but managed to make it acceptable by more people. Some might call this “selling out”. I saw it as a challenge. With Jonas, I was even more impressed because he was an Asian male. And he was having all these rappers, extreme athletes, celebrities, etc wearing his creation. It was inspiring to see someone rise above what he was “supposed” to do and instead, create a path for himself.
Jonas is U.S-born/Vietnamese. He was adopted along with six others. He is survived by his black brother and sister, Filipino brother and sister, half-white-half black sister, half Jamaican-half-Spanish brother and a white brother. There was no way L-R-G WASN’T going to be accepted by all people…all colors…all cultures. He wouldn’t have it any other way.
We finally crossed paths professionally when L-R-G did a collaboration collection with Courvoisier. Jonas wanted to launch the collection in NYC at Reed Space. It was an honor. It was like my design career coming full circle. We emailed before the event. Kept in touch after. Exchanged goodies and shwag…and then finally met in person for the first time (and last time) at Reed Space. Rest in peace to Jonas Bevacqua—Founder of L-R-G—and founder to a whole new generation of entrepreneurs. “

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  1. mc Says:

    R.I.P my hero

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