To begin his foray into music videos, Odd Future’s talented singer-songwriter teamed up with Dave Wilson to film for an unexpected song. Instead of shooting for one of the many great tracks off of his mixtape, Frank decided to take an emotional, scenic ride into the hills behind the wheel of the excellent Acura NSX dipped in orange for “Acura Integurl,” a song he put out on his Tumblr prior to the release of “nostalgia/ultra”. Despite the several dedications that have made their way to the blogs, this is Frank’s first official video.

she singing, “bitch i’m paid, that’s all i gotta say.” i’m like who knew, who knew, who knew, that after all the years i’d make a weezy fan out of you too, you too, you too. when i met you, you were thom yorke, chris martin & u2, u2, u2. when you met me i was three6, pimp c, bun b, 8ball & mjg. but we’re both a long way from home, we got the windows down, the radio’s on..always. i wrote a letter to the sky, saying maybe one day you’ll get to kiss me, kiss me, kiss me. my girl found it in the car & said “baby why you trying to diss me, diss me, diss me.” cuz you know you’re my baby, you know you’re my baby. i’m not just in it for the ride. in it for the ride…


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  1. HisFlyness Says:

    Amazing shit. Always.

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