So I guess MC Hammer is trying to make up on that 30 mil, quietly?

Over the last couple years years he’s become an investor in Silicon Valley properties. This isn’t just the minor league app here and there, but high value properties, one even started by a major player like Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder, called Square which is a mobile payment service provider. Hammer’s an investor and adviser to Bump Technologies, a Mountain View, Calif., developer that makes an app to enable users to share contact information by simply touching their iPhone or Android handsets together (you’ve probably come across it) and Flipboard, an iPad social magazine app.

He helped Pandora founder Tim Westergren prepare for meetings with music executives when the service was still called Savage Beast, gave marketing advice to and visited YouTube’s offices when it was still located above a pizzeria in San Mateo, Calif.

However, Hammer has recently co-founded DanceJam which got acquired by PureVideo in 2009. MC Hammer has steadily developed a reputation as an entrepreneur, investor and adviser and a savvy early adopter of new technology. He also believes music artists offer more than just a song, according to him they can expand their areas of influence. Just as artists extended their reach into video with MTV in the 80’s, they should explore new media like social gaming, apps and interactive technologies.

Here’s an idea. Bring parachute / bubble pants back into pop fashion and make a killing! I bet if Kanye wore them today, they’d sell like hot cakes.

source: billoard

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