Speed Dating done right!

Damn son, that was smooth. If you know anything about chatroulette you’ll know they really don’t know each other at all and probably only met a couple seconds before this video was recorded.

LYRICS BELOW:  [click read more]

Now the day is almost gone/
I was close to logging off/
But then something caught my eye/
Brown hair not a curl/
You are my pixelated girl/
To far away to hear me cry/
There’s one thing I need to tell you/
At first I was just happy that you weren’t a naked guy yeah/
But I now I see that/
I had a floppy disk that you turned into a hard drive/
I love you so/
Chatroulette me be your man/
And I’ll make sure that I can/
Shower you with affection/
Although we’re many miles apart/
I’m sure that this could be the start,/
of our Internet love connection/
There’s one thing I need to tell you/
I wrote our love in chilli ’cause I know you’re hot and spicy/
I love you so/
If I…/
Take you on a date you will not be cold and icy/
That was…/
an awesome rhyme/
Feels like you’ve pulled a trigger/
You took a screen shot at my heart/
And now the screen is getting bigger/
I know that that this is suden but I’ve gotta ask you something/
I need to know/
If I…/
Got down on one knee and presented you the one ring/
Would you…/
Marry me/
We know that/
He really loves you (till end)


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