I hope the doc is taking notes! Haha, really tho this beat is all West siiiiide and none of  that semi pop material the doc keeps trying to pass for Detox. The general question is, how come Will.I.Am is releasing material that is hardly his genre? I mean, violent lyrics, guns, fist fights, the hood, hustling??  Truth is this is pretty much the world in which he grew up in and by extension his turf. Will.I.Am is from East L.A which is debatably a tougher town than the southside. Long before B.E.P and all this techno / rave stuff, then N.W.A front man Eazy-E signed Will.I.Am along with Atban Klann members to Ruthless records, so dude does have some cred, don’t let the techno stuff fool you. Will.i.am’s first ever rap song was in 1992 titled “Merry Muthaf__n’ Xmas” off  5150: Home 4 tha Sick the Eazy-E EP.

However, I have a feeling this track is out in response to the Snoop line on the Dr. Dre track “Kush”:

“Still I am/ tighter than the pants on Will.I.Am”

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