I had the opportunity to meet Black Magic back in Gidi, I must say he’s an amazingly humble man who has no idea what’s going to hit him tomorrow, but I do. It’s the limelight… and a lot of ladies! Ikon brings his own brand of magic to the table producing a record that’s definitely Hip-hop and Afrobeat at the same time. From the start the percussion puts the ladies on the dancefloor, making them irresistibly shake their rear and then, the hook puts gentlemen on a different plane, and by God you do have to raise your voices – and your glasses or bottles- to the melody.

Syndik8 Records proudly presents BlackMagic, a talented young MC with an African soul and an NY flow.

A star of tomorrow, his debut single is aptly titled “Tomorrow”. Produced by Ikon, “Tomorrow” blends classic Hip-Hop styling with a sweet touch of Afrobeat rhythms to create a catchy tune for BlackMagic to conjure lyrical illusions for his audience to get lost in.

Whatever you do today, you won’t forget “Tomorrow”.

“I’m not the type of dude that’s gonna come up dead/ Doctors check/ Hunger’s the cause of death/ Only for them to check inside my pocket/ And find N500 inside my wallet!”
– BlackMagic

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    […] wove himself into our psyche with his debut track, ”Tomorrow” . Now he intends to go deeper with his second single called “Rainbow” off […]

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