Nike Air Mag “Marty McFly” for 2015


Very much inspired by this post.

Apparently Nike has been working on the famous Air Mag sneakers from the cult film Back to the Future II. Patent images surfaced the internet during the week featuring shoes with the Automatic Lacing system as they did in the movie. If they are staying true to the movie we should expect to see these by the year 2015.

It will be crazy if these come out by the time the hoverboard is perfected.

“…if you haven’t seen Back To The Future, you probably grew up without a TV.”

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3 Responses to “Nike Air Mag “Marty McFly” for 2015”

  1. cheneetot08 Says:

    Good Post!! No wonder the shoes look’s familiar, it’s from the movie Back to the Future 2. As I recall, there was a fight scene near a fountain where Marty was hovering using his futuristic skateboard.

  2. G33kGiRLz Clubhouse of Awesomeness | Blog | Nike Air McFly Shoes! The Future is Now! » G33kGiRLz Clubhouse of Awesomeness Says:

    […] photo from here. Posted by Heather Weaver at 1:30 […]

  3. CONNIE Says:

    These shoes already exist, they’re called the nike mags and are a limited release with the proceeds going to the Michael j fox foundation.

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