What started out as an indecisive Mayweather asking his twitter followers to help him complete his outfit by choosing a suitable belt for a night out turned out to be an envy-inducing display of a few of the perks that come with being an undefeated Super Welterweight boxing champion.

On the left side, valued at $1.2 million is the diamond encrusted Audemars Piguet … On the right side is it’s contender valued at $1.0 million-the Piaget Galaxy. The tweets voted and the AP won this fight.

Maybach 62S vs Mayback 57

2 door Rolls Royce Coupe vs 4 door Rolls Royce Phantom

Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Ferrari 599 GTB

Bentley GT Supersport

Diamond Cartier glasses

He finally ended this ostentatious exhibition by requesting that someone “send [him] a number so [he] can send somebody this suitcase filled with money” … someone should really take him up on that offer.



  1. HisFlyness Says:

    WOW. This way beyond Stunt. 101.

  2. Kidgidi Says:

    “Take him up?” Haha. Floyd Money will very well fulfill that offer if he’s put up to it.
    Like Rick Ross said before
    “that mayweather money looking funny in the light/”.
    Even though it may have been a diss, it prolly is true.

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