Even if you aren’t Nigerian but listen to hip-hop, you would most probably have heard ’50 years’ and ‘Nigeria’ in the same sentence recently. Talib, Chiddy Bang, and now Lupe Fiasco have all made references to the debacle that’s been going on in that nation for the past fifty years. Not to belittle the Gulf oil spill but it’s a tiny fraction of what’s been happening in Nigeria every single day for that past fifty years and the government has somehow managed to get away scot-free… for the past 50 years. Nigerians need to rise up and say #ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
Africa the set/ yeah that’s the motherland/
for that BP/ I shed fifty tears/
In Nigeria their oil been spilling for like 50 years/
50 years!/ hell naw!/ hell yeah!/
I’m trying to tell ya’ll/
at this rate/ n****s gonna lose/
can’t search for water/ or grow your own food/

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