“A single-take live performance, edited with light.”

Directed by Jake Schreier, this video reminds me of  J. Cole’s “Who Dat?” and “Simba” videos both one single continuous take as well. This however is different in that the complexities of the shot are provided by light which in itself is a humorous take on the bands name, Francis and the Lights. The lights actually isn’t the name of the band that play along with Francis but a reference to actual stage lights and as Francis says “modern electricity in general.” Shot on 35mm film, it captures a real live performance (no pantomime), in one single take (no cuts or edits), using a new technique dubbed “Editing with Light.” Francis stays fixed in one place, as carefully placed and choreographed film lights reveal pieces of the music and band (including long time guitarist Jump Back Jake Rabinbach).

They’ve got co-signs from Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, MGMT and more recently Drake, and are even opening during his tour. Their label Cantora Records has announced the release of Francis and the Lights’ first full-length, It’ll Be Better, on July 20th, 2010 (tomorrow).


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