In an effort to release the first iPhone 4 music video, my good friend and musician Steve Failows [AKA flakjakt] and I collaborated over a period of less than a week to create the first iPhone 4 music video.

In 2 days (and up until an hour before the shoot), Steve wrote a new track specifically for this video and we loosely conceptualized for those 2 days in an effort to be first out of the gates with an iPhone 4 music vid. Our main goal, however, was simply to make a good music video, no matter what the camera.

Of course, I knew there would be obvious technical hurdles, so everything was structured to be shot to take advantage of the camera’s strong points. Lack of lighting, aperture and shutter speed control were all taken into consideration when planning. And because I knew a lot of the camerawork would be locked off (something I rarely do), a lot of the cinematic vision was going to be dependent on how I cut everything together in post.

So, post production you ask? Seriously crazy. Going into it the goal was to create a video with a unique creative vision; something quirky, entertaining and yet, intimate and sincere.

I transcoded all footage to ProRes422. Once ingested into FCP I realized how much footage I had. I won’t say how much, but let’s just say we were crazy to shoot in 9 locations in 1 day! Overall the footage was surprisingly crisp (aside from low-light locations). I typically color correct in After Effects, but given the editing rush, I did everything out of Final Cut Pro. Although the result was a bit rushed and rough, we ended up embracing the look and think that it helps translate emotion well onscreen.

Hopefully people can forget it was shot on the iPhone and enjoy it for its content.


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