The debut solo single from Kele Okereke taken from his debut album, ‘The Boxer’ was released on the 21st of June. Video directed by Greko Sklavounos.

Kelechukwu (Kele),  is the front man for popular indie rock band, Bloc Party out  of the UK. Kele decided to release a solo album after three studio albums with the band. Kele is extremely shy and has expressed disdain for interviews, asking one interviewer from Skyscraper magazine, “Why is it important to know what I had for breakfast?…”. In June 2010 Kele was named as the Sexiest Out Gay Male Artist by music website LP33 in its annual survey. Kele uploaded the songs “Rise” and “Walk Tall” to his personal website on May 13, 2010. Okereke told The Sun (UK) that he wrote “Rise” “for a friend who was a drug addict at the time. He was a total stoner and he felt frustrated with his life. Then he stopped smoking and started getting lots of work. That image stuck with me.”


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