Alex Bergman and Maxim Bohichik, collectively BBGUN are making a name for themselves with these single take music videos. That’s not to say they’re not equally good at cutting them which Maxim handles deftly (as seen in the previous post), but when you consider that it’s much harder to shoot and direct a pretty decent video in one continuous take, then you start to get the picture : ).  They’ve used the single take style for J. Cole’s “Simba” video and Asher Roth’s “Muddy Swim Trunks” video as well. This video takes it up a notch because it’s got more complex shots with choreography that has to be on point every scene, what also works is that J. Cole is pretty much on cue with animations for every line he drops. The video they ended up using is actually just the second take! It would probably be an even more difficult video if there are more character interactions with the protagonist (like the Asher Roth video) and an interactive backdrop but I’m thinking they might do that for their next continuous take video.

Here’s the Spring 2010 BBGUN reel, enjoy:

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