Championed by artists like Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, and Drake, Francis and the Lights make a compelling case for the return of Blue Eyed Soul. More accurately though, they are a band, whose leader, Francis Farewell Starlite, writes Pop songs that make him want to dance. After two widely circulated EPs, a buzzed about music video that leaped to mtv2 without a record label, and a history of legendary New York shows, Francis and Lights now unveil their awaited 8-song debut, “It’ll Be Better,” and embark on a North American tour. The “Lights” in the band’s name is not what it seems. It does not refer to a backing band (though there is one, and it is tight as a drum), but rather to actual stage lights, and as Francis says “modern electricity in general.” Everything the band does is considered; from the sleeping-sitting-standing progression of the first three album covers, to the shared final frame of the two offical music videos made a year apart. Francis is an eccentric, but it is perfectionism and transparency that make Francis and the Lights ‘elusive.’  The band was hand-picked by Drake to support his first North American Tour, this spring and summer.


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