Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser collectively known as MGMT (pronounced M-G-M-T) including band members Matthew Asti – bass, James Richardson – guitar, backing vocals and Will Berman – drums, backing vocals, unveil their latest full length album, Congratulations. The former Wesleyan University students have undoubtedly whipped up an intoxicating and hypnotic concotion. It’s still too early but I’m pretty sure the album has what it takes to surf the year’s tide.

I really the like the opening track “It’s Working“, especially the opening guitar strings which are nothing short of wicked and go along with the ba – ba – bass, “Siberian Breaks” is the trance influenced record which hits you very slowly and I’m pretty sure some people will never get used to it still. Andrew Vanwyngarden said, “On some of the new songs, I found myself thinking about Lady GaGa or Kanye West, and what their ultimate goal is,” he explained to When talking about one of the songs on the album “Lady Dada’s Nightmare” he explains “It’s just an instrumental track, but it’s very nightmare-ish sounding! Actually, it’s really kind of messed up sounding, and we thought it would be funny to call it “‘Lady Dada’s Nightmare’.”  However, on MTV when asked what the instrumental track “Lady Dada’s Nightmare meant, Andy laughed and said “it’s about having sex with Lady Gaga”, err… not cool Andy. “Brian Eno is a direct tribute to the ambient music innovator and is a lively track  that oddly reminds me of the Inspector Gadget tune.

The entire album was leaked and so the band proceeded to stream it’s entirety on their website, they initially wanted to make it available for free download but I think Sony Music was none too excited about that.

The album is available for pre-order on iTunes.


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