The video for Drake’s song “Over” was recently filmed in LA and is being directed by Anthony Mandler. The photographer turned music-video director has worked with more than a couple music heavy-hitter’s in bringing their video expressions to tube including Jay-Z- “Run This Town”, “Lost One”, “Young Forever”, “D.O.A”; The Killers- “Tranquilize”, “When You Were Young”; Ryan Leslie- “You’re Not My Girl”; John Mayer- “Heartbreak Warfare”; Beyonce- “Irreplaceable”, “Get Me Bodied”; Rihanna- “Disturbia”, “Wait Your Turn”, “Russian Roulette” etcetera. Apparently, he isn’t thrilled with all the alleged references to devil worship, satanism and the so called “illuminati” organisation in his music video’s. Hmmmm…

Rap-Up.com interviewed Mandler about the video, here are excerpts. The full interview may be read at Rap-Up.com.

Rap-Up: How did you and Drake connect?
Mandler: I’m a big fan of Drake and I was really excited when he called me about doing it, and really put a lot into making it special and capturing what I think is an image he hasn’t had yet. Here’s a guy whose lyrical presence does not equal his visual presence yet, by any means. That’s something that he and I spoke a lot about. He felt strongly that nobody had really captured him, and some of the videos that had been done were less iconic than he would like to be represented as.

Rap-Up: What’s your thought process when approaching a video?
Mandler: In all honesty, I don’t really care what other people have done with somebody. If I did, I would put myself in a lane with other people. To my failure or my success, I always want to do something different, so you look at “Run This Town” or “Russian Roulette,” and it’s always about trying to separate and move the needle over. I’m not saying that he made bad videos, I’m just saying that I wanted to do something different with him. I really like to get on the phone, get in person, really kind of talk it through with the artist, and really try to understand where the song came from, what’s their overall story, who are they, what’s the character, and how does that relate.

Rap-Up: Is it true he wears all white in the video?
Mandler: Not true. Don’t start going at me with symbolism and Illuminati and all types of stupid shit. Can you imagine what they’d say if I started putting people in all white? I’m already the “satanic, devil-worshiping Illuminati, Jewish kid from L.A.” People are so bored.

Rap-Up: When can we expect to see the final product?
Mandler: Probably within two weeks.

via Rap-Up.com

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  1. Thalia Hernandez Says:

    I want to become a music video director when i get older and I would like to know what college should I attend?

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